Citrus 101

Storage Tips

  • The best temperature range for citrus is between 45-48 degrees.
  • We realize refrigeration is not always available, so please try to keep in a cool shaded area until ready to use.

Natural Variations

  • We wish we could control the specific look and taste of every piece of fruit, but nature usually wins.
  • Fruit varies in size, shape, taste, skin texture, and color. While we do our absolute best to make sure everything looks and tastes great – sometimes we don’t achieve perfection.
  • Your happiness is guaranteed, so please let us know if there are any concerns and we will take care of it.
  • Unless otherwise specified, we generally choose taste over look – if this is a concern, we can address in future orders.
  • All of our fruit is sourced from only the best growers, and we work hard to ensure we provide the best available quality at time of order.

As with any piece of fruit, please wash or wipe clean before preparing or eating.